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  1、There’s something involved in this that’s greater than we are. You can break it down to science and yeasts, but there’s something magical. Once you’ve experienced it, there’s nothing else you want to do. The glamour part has nothing to do with it. It’s that hard part. It’s spending time in the vineyards. It’s spending time with your hands, creating. It’s working really hard at something that you love. — Hardy Wallace, winemaker, Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery

  葡萄酒中包含的某些物品比我们本身的存在要更巨大。尽管你可以把葡萄酒当做是科学和酵母创造出来的物资,它仍然具有某种魔力。一旦你品尝过葡萄酒,就再也没有别的甚么工作让你想去做了。这不并非因为葡萄酒的诱人之美,而是因为它背后承载的艰苦。是那些花费在葡萄园里的时候,是一点一滴的亲手创造,是因为热爱而付出的勤劳耕作。——哈迪 华莱士,Dirty and Rowdy家属酒庄酿酒师

  2、The elevation is so high, no one’s grown grapes there before. The wind from Antarctica is so cold. The soil is rather difficult. All the elements are against you. But it was the dream. You need one of those things. You need to think you’re ten foot tall and bullet proof. You need to think nothing can go wrong. — Erica Crawford, Loveblock wines of New Zealand

  那里的海拔非常高,在此之前从没有人在那里种过葡萄。并且来自南极洲的冷风也晦气于葡萄生长,泥土条件卑劣。全部的自然原因都晦气于酿酒。但是,这就是空想。为了实现这个空想,你需求把本身设想成一个10英尺高的伟人,并且无坚不摧。你必需意志坚决,没有甚么不能克服。——埃里卡 克劳福德,新西兰Loveblock酒业

  3、I think people are hungry for authenticity, as it pertains to wine or clothing or experience. They want authenticity. I believe in my heart that the natural course of evolution is a movement away from the industrial experience toward something that’s more authentic. – Matt Licklider, co-owner of LIOCO Winery

  我认为人们对“实在性”有一种渴求,无论是关于葡萄酒还是服装,亦或是人生经过。人们需求“实在性”。我心里深信,自然历程的演变是与工业理论分离的,它趋向于某种更实在的存在。——马特 力克里德 LIOCO酒庄共有人

  4、I would stay [in the newsroom] until 3 am “in case something happened.” But I mostly had nothing to do between 1 and 3 am so I used that time to write. And I chose to write about food and wine. Along the way I carved out a role for myself. – Eric Asimov, wine writer for the New York Times

  以防忽然事件的发作,我通常会在编纂部待到清晨3点钟。但大部分时候,从清晨1点到3点之间我都无事可做,于是我开始利用这段时候写作。我挑选了关于美食与琼浆的主题来写,也是在这一历程里,我为本身塑造了一个身份。——埃里克 阿斯莫夫,《纽约时报》葡萄酒作家

  5、I love it when someone comes in who’s self-conscious about loving sweet wine. I love turning them on to an amazing wine that surprises them, for what it is and because they like it. They come in with the perspective that they’re not sophisticated about sweet wines, yet they’ll enjoy one of the more sophisticated wines on earth. — Maximilian Kast, Wine Director at Fearrington Village in Pittsboro, North Carolina

  我喜好看到有人出于本能的酷爱甜葡萄酒。因为这份酷爱,我愿意为他们展现一款使人冷艳的美酒,给他们欣喜。他们最开始喜好甜葡萄酒的原因并非因为它庞杂,但是他们却明白享用这个地球上最庞杂的酒之一。——麦斯米兰 卡斯特,Fearrington Village酒水总监

  6、I don’t know why but I love this kind of project, when it’s a little difficult and when you have a history. The beginning of the story of viticulture was in the Middle East, and it was a different generation than the science and logistics of today. My passion is to go into the past to make wine. Wine is something cultural, not only something to drink. I always try to find the identity of the place. – Stephane Derenoncourt, international wine consultant to Chteau Marsyas in Lebanon and Chteau Bargylus in Syria among many others.

  尽管我不晓得为什么,但我酷爱酿酒这个有些艰难并且具有久长汗青的工程。葡萄酒栽培最早劈头于中东,一个与今天的葡萄酒科学和流畅相去甚远的期间。我热衷于从古时的酿酒古老寻觅方式并继承。葡萄酒不但单是一种饮料,更是一种文明。我总试图找到每一个葡萄酒产地与众差别的中央。——斯蒂芬 德勒农古,国际葡萄酒顾问

  7、We don’t do ratings because they’re the opposite of empowerment. Ratings say that you can’t trust your own palate. — Alan Kropf, founder of Mutineer magazine

  我们不对葡萄酒评分,因为这是与自我答应相违背的。“评分”好比在告诉你,“你不能信赖本身的舌头。”——艾伦 克洛普弗,Mutineer杂志开办人

  8、Wine is this spot between the center of the earth and the center of the universe, and there is something that’s happening with or without us. We just happen to be a gentle participant, or just an observer. — Hardy Wallace, winemaker, Dirty and Rowdy Family Winery

  葡萄酒是地球中央与宇宙中心之间的一个毗邻点,在这之间发作的事,我们也许亲身经过,也许并未可知。我们只是谦虚的介入扎尔,与观看者。——哈迪 华莱士,Dirty and Rowdy家属酒庄酿酒师

  9、Our goal is to inject an element of novelty and renewal into channels that have remained unmodified for ages. – Stevie Kim, Managing Director at VinItaly International. Kim brings an outsider’s freshness to wine marketing with disruptive ideas like HACK WINE, a 24-hour non-stop marathon that will take place on March 1 and 2.

  我们的目标是往亘古稳定的 渠道中注入新颖而变革的气力。——史蒂维 金,VinItaly International总司理

  10、There is constantly somebody who’s making something, whether it’s music or art or wine, that pushes the edges of what was previously thought possible. And in doing that, if the person makes something that’s fundamentally good, it drives the parameters of what is good and makes them a little bit wider. – Len Rothenberg, owner, Federal Wine ; Spirits in Boston

  不管是在音乐、艺术还是葡萄酒的范畴,古往今来,不断的有人付出和创造,冲破固有的疆界。人们在尝试的历程中,发明的基本上好的物品保存下来并加以推行,从而推动行业进步。——伦恩 罗滕贝格,波士顿Federal Wine ; Spirits in Boston。

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